What makes good Software ?
And what makes a good Software product?

If you care about exploring these 2 main themes, then SoCraTes Crete offers the ideal setting !

Join us, for an Open Space event where we gather and exchange ideas, knowledge and experience, in an inspiring venue that allows us to explore Crete at its finest!

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Tickets and Venue

Packages will be announced soon - accommodation optionally included!


SoCraTes Crete continues the AgileCrete.org legacy

What is an Open Space UNconference?

An... unconventional way to run a conference that - once you try - you can never go back!!


In 2023, a new SoCraTes Crete event is being born to bring us even closer

  • Why

    Our specific goal for SoCraTes Crete is to not only explore the software craft techniques, but to also help bridge the gap between product/business folks and devs.

  • Who

    Anyone who cares about making well-crafted software, e.g.
    * Software Developers
    * Testers
    * Technical Writers
    * Product folks
    * $your_role

  • Family-Friendly

    One of the reasons the event is held in the summer is so that you can bring your significant other or family with you.
    We are committed to providing a 100% family-friendly experience: your loved ones are invited to all excursions / dinners, and you can expect that kids-friendly activities will be self-organized in the mornings by other parents (whether on-site or some small excursions). ...and - amazingly - language is never a problem for younger kids!!

  • Unconferences on Crete

    SoCraTes Crete is the latest open space unconference to emerge on Crete. It originally started as part of AgileCrete.org, which was, itself, inspired by / forked from JCrete.

    JCrete is very similar to SoCraTes Crete, but is focused primarily on the Java ecosystem. Open space fans can easily combine the two sister events! JCrete runs immediately after SoCraTes Crete! (You know, just in case you want to spend a few extra days on Crete ;) ).

  • Schedule

    08:30 – 13:00 Morning sessions.
    13:00 – 14:00 Lunch.
    14:00 – 20:00 Excursions, swimming, focus time, exploring Crete!
    20:00 CRETAN dinners (!!)

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SoCraTes Crete 2024 Participants

You are able to open a Merge Request (MR) with your name, profile picture and contact info
to be added here after you have verified you are coming to SoCraTes Crete!

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